Ondo Note links the weather forecast with Spotify to directly reflect the mood outside. This is a dynamic application will change depending on the Weather Forecast.

The main problem this app address is finding music that fits the mood. Whether we are talking about specific genres of music, artists, etc. this application helps reduce that discovery time of searching and instead provides music based on the most influential mood creator: weather! Because the weather is a force which we all interact with on a daily basis, it becomes a fantastic catalyst to help users discover new music based on the weather. Additionally, it also allows the unknown artist to gain a following based on their specific music provided.


OndoNote is a Web application. The main purpose of the application is to connect the current weather with a music library that can complement the mood outside. A dynamic application that changes depending on the outside weather. This application is targeted towards users would are looking to find new music, that can fit the tone of the day. The application sources the current weather forecast from AccuWeather’s database and grabs the weather and searches through Spotify’s database and grabs the track which is then played through the application.


The challenge of this application was to find the right music platform to grab the songs. Through research, most music platforms do not produce an open source API to let developers use.

Bandcamp stopped producing developer keys simply saying

” Sorry, the API is no longer supported and we’re not granting any new developer keys.”

Sound Cloud you must apply for the developer api key, in advanced. Many say they’re just backlogged others say it took them almost a year to do.

Youtube through research we learned that you can’t play music without the iframe which didn’t work with our design guide.

We wanted OndoNote to be a simple and complex free application for people to be able to be able to easily listen to music without any frustrations. With using InVision we were able to ask users to go through the website and see if icons, and navigation came intuitively. The testing was to focus on interaction, design, the navigation system, infographic, and layout.

Through testing we found out that User 1 didn’t know what the application was when you started. Users were wondering what was OndoNote? We added the tag line “generates music from the weather” so users can get an understanding of what the application does.

User 2 found that the icons for the music/home page didn’t make sense. What did each of the icons represent? Our solution for this was to simplify the home page with only 3 icons the weather, wind and humidity.