Project Brief

Capturing the experience of hiking up Garibaldi Lake. A life-changing experience that had to be recorded.

The muted tone contrasting with the bright colours was how I felt throughout the hike. While climbing up I felt tired and drained, when we were able to stop and look at the view, my own perceptive change to beautiful sunshine.

Mountains Tall Grass | Hana Etminan-Rod BCIT D3


Design Process

Brain Storming:

Live changing things don’t happen often, but when they do it impacts you and your perspective. Hiking never seemed like something that was on my list of things to try out. But when you get the opportunity to try it out for me it was something that was extremely draining and mentally exhausting.  What happens if I fall? Pass out? Is their enough food in my pack? Did I leave something behind? But when you can overpass the mental anxiety, and you look up. Everything you see is lush greens and bright blues. The idea to create a tote bag design to showcase the worried mine that I was experiencing while showing the views you can’t just see anywhere.

Inspirations from local tattoo artists and the tourism in Vancouver helped me create this original design. *Note that the photo in the mood board was the first version of the design.

Colour Scheme:

Dull, muted and lifeless colours, creates the feeling of exhaustion that happens through hours of hiking. Using childish colour that have a twist, with the low values.

Mountains Tall Grass Mock Up | Hana Etminan-Rod BCIT D3