Client Brief

Bring awareness of Guichon Creek that runs through BCIT’s Burnaby campus.  An exposed creek on campus. You’re able to see chum salmon. They are identifiable by their dark green strips, white belly, and hook nose.

With this logo, I kept the simplicity of the chum salmon in the shape of a “G”.




Design Process


The client gave creative freedom for the logo design, stating only one requirement keeping it true to Guichon Creek, a sense of aboriginal art in the logo. Through research of the history of this creek, not much was recorded about it. Except that in 2006, the creek was restored by the local wild nature enthusiasts and BCIT.

The creek is a habitat for the chum salmon to go through their cycle of life to the ocean. Also to note the logo would be used in different forms of medium including spray painting stencils, signs and for posters. With this fact, the simple black seems appropriate for this logo. The strokes mimic the traditional totem pole and art that is produced by the locals.


Title – Poiret One

Poiret One compliments the logos strokes, keeping the typeface in small caps draws the eyes more to the logo its self.

Guichon Creek Mock Up | Hana Etminan-Rod BCIT D3